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It all started when I wanted to bake a cake for my wife's birthday. So, I called my spiritual mom Ora Lee Miller. I always felt like she made the best cake and I wanted to bake it for this very special occasion. Well, my mom promised to give me the recipe on one condition, I had to let her sample it when I baked it. Of course, I agreed. Well like a good son, I kept my promise and brought over the cake. She really put me through the test too. She let her husband, two daughters and son taste it. I was so nervous my pound cake was being critiqued by not just one person but five people. When I presented the cake to my wife, she was surprised that I baked the cake from scratch and not from a boxed cake mix. Ora Lee Miller's critique was that I did not follow her recipe. I thought, "Oh My God". She said you changed the recipe, this cake tastes better than mine and told me I could make a lot of money with my recipe.

My first thought was WOW, really. I started to bake cakes and just gave them to whoever wanted them. I got great reviews too. My spiritual mom found out about it and told me to charge for the cake. So, I did just that and people have really enjoyed by product, so much so that I birthed the business "The #1 Poundcake Man" servicing the taste for people all over the USA. I will never forget my spiritual mom, Ora Lee Miller, who is the reason that each cake is baked with "Ora Love".




My joy of baking first began as child watching my father bake cakes really early in the morning and late at night. I remember being able to help my father put the cake in the pans and seeing the finished cake and how proud I was. One day, my dad asked me if I wanted to learn how to make the cake and I shouted YES! This was a moment I was waiting for! I was nervous and excited at the same time because I wanted dad's cake to come out perfect. Then, after mixing my first two cakes and they came out the exact same as father's I knew I could do it. Since then, I have become assistant head baker and co-owner of The #1 Poundcake Man. Having my dad as a business partner has been nothing short of an exciting and learning experience. I love being able to create new flavors and techniques all while honoring the legacy of my spiritual grandmother and father. 

Today, I am able to expand my reach by providing a sweet service to people across the world with elevated cakes and dessert tables for a variety of occasions from birthdays, weddings and more through Dixon's Decadence and when my father decides to retire, The #1 Poundcake Man will continue to grace your tables one cake at a time.  

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